Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where to start? Part 1 (of many short posts)

There is always something to do in the our house, and it does seem like there are not enough hours in the day for modelling of any sort really. When there is time I need to balance it between HO and On30, so far the scales are well and truly dipped in the HO side. So to keep things moving there is a need to actually do some planning, after all without a plan I can't move forward, even if there is time to get something done.

What am I trying to achieve? How much room do I have? What is it for? Will it be for display at shows? Where will I have it at home? Will I want to expand it? How big for a module? Is it point to point? Is it going to have a run around? What do I want the scenery to look like? What purpose does the railway need to satisfy?

You know I do need to have a bit of a play with a track plan, and to be honest with you a point to point layout does appeal to me. Once there are a few ideas on paper, and some searching for some track plan books, then I'll be a bit more excited about this. I do need to spend more time on the HO layout up till about the end of August, then it might be time for a break from HO.

So for now I might leave it there. Out with the pencil and paper!

Oorroo! Geoff.